Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump's Military Adviser on Russia

Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn on Meet the Press Sunday:
 I take Russia on in my book. And I do believe that Russia has an anti-U.S. view of the world. You have to read Russia's national security strategy. And I'm not even sure what ours is. But I know what Russia's is. And they have a view of the United States that is not in our best interests.
Donald Trump clearly understands that. He gets it.
Here is Flynn on NATO:
What NATO needs to be done with is it needs to be modernized. The organizations, the nations, that are part of NATO, they need to understand what their capabilities are. And they need to understand what their responsibilities are.
And one of those responsibilities, when you become a member of NATO and you sign up for the responsibilities that not only come with providing capability, but also, being able to have others respond for you in time of need, is to pay your bills. And I mean that's a big deal. So this doesn't mean that we're not going to support our responsibilities as America. 
There is no indication that Trump wants to shut down NATO. None.


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