Tuesday, August 9, 2016

An "I No Longer Support Donald Trump" Template For Walter Block

Dear Walter,

I know you are extremely busy so the thought has crossed my mind that if you ever choose to pull the plug on support for Donald Trump, you may not have time to put together a formal statement.

Fortunately, New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser, after being a Trump supporter, no longer supports him. She put together a column explaining why she pulled her support. Part of her commentary strikes me as something of a template that you could use to in designing your own move away from Trump.

Specifically, this part:
That’s all, folks! I’m out.

Embracing the presidential aspirations of Donald Trump was, from the start, an exercise in magical thinking. In my heart, I wanted the smack-talking, hair-challenged, self-absorbed New York City billionaire Republican to nail down this baby.

But in my head? Not so much...

Here is a guy with the common touch, but the attention span of a flea. He’s someone voters would enjoy having a beer with, even though he doesn’t drink alcohol. Can you imagine the torture of sharing a Bud Light with Democrat Hillary Clinton?

But some of us smitten with his shoot-from-the-lip style have reached our limits.
Best regards,



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