Friday, August 12, 2016

Trump Gives Up On New Jersey

Donald Trump’s campaign office in New Jersey no longer exists, Politico reports.

The office was vacated a little over a month ago, Politico said, with Federal Election Commission filings indicating that the last rent payment was made on May 11.

The Hill reports:
Trump earlier this year insisted he could win New Jersey, which hasn’t gone Republican in a presidential election since 1988.

“I mean, I love New Jersey," Trump said in late May. "I am New Jersey. Like a second home. I have property there. I have a lot of employees there. And frankly, I think we're going to do well.”

Polls in May suggested the race could be close in New Jersey, with one survey showing Trump within 4 points of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee.

But the gap has widened since then. The most recent major poll of the state, taken in late June, showed Clinton leading by 21 points.

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