Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Is Christie Doing a Slow Break From Trump?

Twice today Chris Christie broke ranks with Donald Trump.

He said today that it's "inappropriate" to criticize the family of Capt. Humayun Khan and other Gold Star families.

Trump earlier in the day called Hillary Clinton the devil.

Christie was asked about that and whether Clinton was the devil and he said : "No, but she's unqualified to be the President of the United States. Not the devil, but unqualified to be president."

It's not so much that he is backing away from Trump's statement but the way he is doing it. They appear to be much closer to direct hits than a clever politician like Christie would have to be if he wanted to distance himself without contrasting his view with Trump so directly.


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  1. Trump's comments were along the lines of "Bernie made a deal with the Devil, and Hillary's the devil. She's the devil!"

    Trump's "operatives" should be pointing out that Khan is using his dead son as a "sympathy shield" to allow him to make unmolested political attacks. Not exactly an "upright" thing to do.