Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Koch Brothers’ Summer Reading List

Billionaires David and Charles Koch hosted one of their Kochtopus gatherings this weekend. It was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado and ended yesterday.

Attendees were invited to select books that would be sent to them. A tweet from CNN’s Teddy Schleifer shows a photo of the book request cards.

There were 48 titles.

Mises, Hayek, Sowell and Higgs made the list, but no Murray Rothbard or, for that matter, Peter Boettke.

Order any of the books or learn more about them here.


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  1. Charles is a classical liberal and not an anarchist. There are a lot of books here, but I don't know if any present a different philosophy than minarchism (limited government). If someone is better than Mises, I haven't found them yet.