Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Will It Be Off With Roger Ailes' Head?

Daily Beast reports on one of the cases of "sexual harassment" a FOX employee experienced:
According to Huffington Post reporter Michelle Fields—a former Fox News contributor herself—multiple women at the network anonymously relayed stories confirming they've had similar experiences to what Carlson alleged in her lawsuit filed against Ailes on Wednesday morning. “He asked me to turn around so he can see my ass,” one source said of a past meeting with Ailes. 
Note to women: If you don't like the environment you are working in, get another job.

There are all kinds of office environments, find the one that works for you.

Why should you set the standards for all offices?

This is not complicated.



  1. I'm afraid it may be Off With RW's Head! ;-)

  2. "Note to women: If you don't like the environment you are working in, get another job."

    Only thing I would add to this Bob is to first make a complaint to HR and then if they dont do anything, then look for a new job.

  3. I think sexual harassment can violate NAP in some instances.

    If the harassed female tells her harasser (or a mediator) that she does not approve of the harassment, "don't touch my ass" the continued harassment is a violation of NAP. The employer may terminate the work relationship, but may not continue harassing the employee.

    By RW's logic (and Block and Ron Paul), stalking is compatible with libertarianism. Don't like being stalked? Well, then, move to a new city! That's ridiculous. Stalking is incompatible with libertarianism because the inherit threat of physical coercion behind the act of stalking.

    Sexual harassment is the same thing. I can ogle a woman and talk dirty under my breath, she is none the wiser. When I verbalize my ogling, the woman is aware and has her choice of response.

    Now, if a woman does not say she disapproves of the action, I don't see how the harasser can be held accountable for his boorish behavior. Some women may be flattered or just not care or use it to their advantage or secretly record the interactions for purposes of blackmail.

    Also, I'd bet that Fox has policies regarding sexual harassment. So this is probably not a matter of get a different job. It's, hey, these are the rules of this work environment. Abide by them or face the consequences.