Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trump Starts Building Transition Committee: Guess Who Meetings Have Been With?

Politico reports:
Trump’s presidential campaign has begun to reach out to D.C. Republicans to build a transition committee, according to sources familiar with the process. Bill Palatucci, the New Jersey powerbroker close to Gov. Chris Christie, is assembling the committee -- Christie is the transition chairman and has already met with senior members of Romney’s transition team. Invitees have been given a questionnaire to fill out, which asks for personal information, including whether the candidate is interested in working full time or volunteering, their expertise and their interest in serving in an administration. It’s the first sign Trump is embracing Washington insiders in his quest to win the White House, and build a presidential staff.
Disgusting---but not surprising.

I really think the establishment believes they can control Trump.


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