Sunday, July 31, 2016

48 Minutes With Lew Rockwell

This is absolutely great stuff.

Lew Rockwell, the premier entrepreneur of libertarian thought, discusses how he got started, the history of the founding of the Mises Institute and what he sees for the future.




  1. Lew lost all credibility with me when he started flaunting how much he hates immigration and immigrants. In his Political Theater blog (, every other post is him chortling about how some immigrant, somewhere in the world, committed a crime. As if native-born citizens never commit crimes!

    The hypocrisy of anti-immigration hysterics is laughable. Where did YOUR ancestors come from, Lew? Should they have been denied entry into the U.S. Or is your attitude, "I've got mine; everyone else can pound sand." ?

  2. I, too, feel that Lew has lost credibility over the past 12 or so months though it isn't for the immigration reason. His views are against forced government immigration while I assume he still supports private immigration, which is the correct view. Sure, he seems to paint with a broad brush sometimes but this is where I believe he stands.

    The rampant Trump supporting is what gets me. As Bob shows consistently in this blog and at EPJ, Trump is a neocon-lite, with a jacked up trade view not seen since the horrible Lincoln. He is so blatantly biased that I haven't seen even a rebuke to Trump's trade policy, which would be an easy 1,000 word article that even I could type up in a few minutes.

    I love Lew Rockwell and everything he has done, but cmon man!!!! Get OFF the Trump train.

  3. Good video. It was Rockwell himself (along with Adam Kokesh) that made me realize that government cannot be reformed and that real liberty requires the dissolution of the state. It was LRC that introduced me to great liberty people like Bob, Will Grigg, Laurence Vance, Jacob Hornberger, Scott Horton, Anthony Gregory, Bill Buppert and Ernest Handcock among others. Thats why it just so sad to see him and Justin Rainmondo for that matter to be so blinded by Trump