Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary's White Panamanian Pantsuit and Other Odd Things: The Final Day of the Democratic National Convention\

The Democratic National Convention ended last night, but not before some odd doings.

A very tall black man walked on stage claiming he was Michael Jordan, he said he did it to fool  Donald Trump.

If that was the only fabrication that night, I would let it pass but, of course, it was only the dumbest, least harmful fabrication.

There is a big difference between Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jordan never lost his money to scammers, Jabbar lost nearly all his money to scammers mid-way through his professional basketball career. He had to play basketball several extra years beyond when he originally planned to retire to recoup the losses.

Trump would have spotted Jabbar coming, even if he wasn't 7' 2".

Chelsea Clinton was in the house. She came on stage to introduce her mother, but the odd thing was that for the first time at the convention the cameras did not provide a full wide shot of a person that walked on stage, They only gave us head and upper body shots of Chelsea. She must have inherited Webster Hubbel's her mother's cankles. Still, she profusely thanked her mother for being a great mother. I wondered what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thought.

A video followed about  Hillary that was created by Shondra Rhimes, producer of the network television series, How To Get Away With Murder, Just saying.

Then Hillary walked on stage in a white pantsuit. With that white thing on, she looked like an over the hill Panamanian card dealer working at a rundown poker joint that couldn't afford to pay to get the young girl dealers with the big tits.

You know, the kind of place you only walk into when you have lost it all and have pawned your cell phone, with 8 days of service still left, to fund your big comeback.

At a place like that, in the dark and dim, Hillary would have appeared competent but the guy sitting next to you in that type joint would be unshaven and look a lot like Lloyd Blankfein.

You would very quickly wonder if the competent women in the white pantsuit might not be a little too competent and  in cahoots with the Lloyd look alike, and that she was skilled at dealing from the bottom of the deck when necessary.

And Hillary did deal out all kinds of lines. I found it interesting when she called out:
From our inner cities to our small towns, from Indian Country to Coal Country.
that the cameras did not pan to a person in the crowd that the lines might be applicable to, as they generally do.

No, when Hillary mentioned "Indian Country," there was no shot of Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren.

There were lots of shots of Bill, though. It seems he laughs a lot these days and he has a new open mouth look. You get the sense that he is just days away from when he will have to be carted off to a home.

Huma did not appear on screen at all.

After Hillary's promises to plan the future of the country, in a way that Mises and Hayek taught us can't be done, balloons dropped from the skies and dropped and dropped.

It marked the beginning of the stretch run of the presidential race. What a show it will be. A woman who presents herself on her big night, into the stretch run, dressed as a card dealer and a tall man who thinks he is a slightly out-of-shape John Wayne.

We should all run fast and far.

Neither understands the first thing about economics, about Liberty or how to move towards peace on Earth.



  1. Nice summary.

    Didn't know Kareem lost money midway through his playing career. He was still pretty damn good though towards the end. In Game 6 of the 1988 NBA Finals, the Lakers ran a "we need a bucket or the season is over" play through Kareem, who was 41 years old. He got fouled (controversially) and made the free throws to win the game.

  2. You're on fire today, RW. That Hillary white pantsuit/Panamanian card dealer bit was hilarious.

    1. Dying over here. What a pity Robert won't have the DNC to kick around anymore. But we can look forward to his comments on the debates.

  3. "You get the sense that he is just days away from when he will have to be carted off to a home."

    Agreed. Reminds me of my dad who had a few petite strokes a year before he died. Yaba Daba Doo! Oldtimers disease.

  4. Intellectually they may understand how to move toward peace on earth but IMO, they cannot move toward it because they are not humble people and have not an abiding good will toward all mankind. Their innards are dominated by hubris, power lusting and hate.

  5. Politics in the US is now more than ever like some kind of travelling clown act... out of a Stephen King novel.

  6. What started the row between Trump and Kareem was Trump's stupid tweet:

    "Obama said in his speech that Muslims are our sports heroes. What sport is he talking about, and who? Is Obama profiling?"