Friday, July 29, 2016

Gary Johnson Comes Out In Favor of Laws That Prevent Discrimination

Some libertarian this guy is.

He told the Washington Examiner:

Johnson:Look. Here's the issue. You've narrowly defined this. But if we allow for discrimination — if we pass a law that allows for discrimination on the basis of religion — literally, we're gonna open up a can of worms when it come stop discrimination of all forms, starting with Muslims … who knows. You're narrowly looking at a situation where if you broaden that, I just tell you — on the basis of religious freedom, being able to discriminate — something that is currently not allowed — discrimination will exist in places we never dreamed of... 
Examminer:You think it's the federal government's job to prevent—
Johnson: Discrimination. Yes.
 Examminer: In all cases? 
Johnson:Yes, yes, in all cases. Yes. 

Of course, the libertarian position is that you should be free to discriminate against anyone for any reason if you so choose.

Johnson is about as libertarian as Al Sharpton.

For more on discrimination see: About My Racist Friends, My Homophobic Friends and My Own Prejudices.



  1. Reason Magazine also criticized Johnson's argument which seems to be based on the precautionary principle.

    Of course, Johnson is no Trump. Yet. Which means that once Johnson comes out in favor of rounding up Mexicans like cattle then you can bet no one will remember his stance on anti-discrimination laws just like people forgive El Trumpo for his sudden pivoting towards a higher minimum wage. Like a 'proud Trump man' might say.

    1. I really don't see Johnson ending up more like Trump. He has openly praised Hillary and has a lot more socially liberal leanings than conservative. That being said, he still is a watered down sorry excuse for a libertarian. I am thinking that if he did get elected, it would just give people the wrong impression of libertarians in general. RW is correct in what his stance should be in regard to discrimination, in my opinion.

  2. I imagine a day when someone talks about running other people's lives and the audience recoils as if the person is talking about molesting school kids.