Thursday, July 14, 2016

Progress in a Small Town in Italy

ZeroHedge headline:
Half Of Municipal Employees In Small Italy Town Arrested For Fraud

Roughly half the municipal employees in Boscotrecase, Italy (population 11,000) have been arrested for fraud. The employees clock in, sometimes for each other (with boxes over their heads), but don’t show up for work. The arrested are accused of fraud against the state.
Arrests of  government employees should almost always be cheered, regardless of the technical reasons for the arrests.

State employees harassing state employees is a positive.


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  1. This simply legitimizes and enables the existing oppressive state political structure. It puts a "happy face" on might makes right and is not a good thing. The correct action is to ignore this as nothing more than the charade it is. People of the village should simply stop supporting government with theior taxes and compliance.