Thursday, July 14, 2016

How Donald Trump’s Republican Party Veered to Right of Benjamin Netanyahu on Israel

Tye Jewish weekly, Forward, writes:
[I]t’s the GOP that has broken with the long-standing bipartisan approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by rejecting a call for a two-state solution and further rejecting “the false notion that Israel is an occupier.”...
Under Candidate Trump, however, the Republican Party seems unmoored. With the apparent acquiescence of the presumed nominee, the GOP flat-out rejected endorsement of a two-state solution, which has been the official policy of U.S. administrations under both parties for decades and has been supported, at least rhetorically, by Netanyahu himself.
Even though the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the powerful Israel lobby, has veered to the right politically — vociferously and unsuccessfully opposing the Iran deal, for instance — its embrace of a two-state solution was roundly ignored by the Republican platform writers. AIPAC is now philosophically closer to the party of Obama and Clinton on this key issue. And the Republican Party has positioned itself to the right of Netanyahu. Who could have imagined that?

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  1. So, these are the guys supposedly looking after OUR interests???
    The whole "Israel First" movement smacks of treason.