Monday, July 25, 2016

NEW POLL: Trump Leads Hillary

Donald Trump leads` Hillary Clinton in the presidential race 44% to 39% in a four-way matchup including Gary Johnson (9%) and Jill Stein (3%) and by three points in a two-way head-to-head, 48% to 45%, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll.

Trump's favorability rating is also on the rise (46% of registered voters say they have a positive view, up from 39% pre-convention).

Pre-RNC CNN poll had Clinton up 49-42.



  1. Voters say they prefer one Fascist over a different Fascist one day. Another day they switch preferences.

    And nothing else happens.

  2. Isn't there usually a post convention bump, regardless of the candidate?

  3. I've every confidence that Mr. Trump will find some way to mess up his lead and loose the election.