Monday, July 25, 2016

Democratic Operative Thinks Trump Might Be Right and That Ted Cruz's Father Could Have Been Involved in JFK Assassination

In an email, included in the Wikileaks DNC email dump, DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda discussed Donald Trump's theory that Ted Cruz's father may have had something to do with John F. Kennedy's assassination and suggests there might be something to it.:

Miranda was born in Colombia and gained citizenship under President Ronald Reagan’s 1986 immigration law. He was formerly director of Hispanic media for the President Obama’s White House.



  1. A crackpot agreeing with another crackpot about a crackpot allegation. That, and the film, at 11.

  2. Actually not a crackpot at all. Cruz was a member of a group of cubans out of Miami and new orleans that was involved in the assassination. He left new orleans after Jim Garrison was putting together the trial of clay shaw. He left for Canada where Ted was born.
    Very plausible connection