Friday, July 15, 2016

Mike Pence is an Extreme War Hawk Similar to Tom Cotton

From Politico:
Trump has maintained on the campaign trail that he opposed the Iraq War from the start — an attack line that was effective against Jeb Bush and that he's now using against Clinton, despite the fact that it has since come to light that Trump said in 2002 that he supported the invasion, as and other sites have pointed out.

Trump’s likely pick of Pence as his running mate could make this attack line even more difficult to sustain...

Pence’s disagreements with Trump on defense issues go beyond the Iraq War. In a speech last year to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Pence laid out a hawkish foreign policy vision that offers a stark contrast to Trump’s more isolationist views.

Pence then decried Russia’s increasingly aggressive behavior, saying a “new Iron Curtain is descending down the spine of Europe.” And he said the Pentagon budget should be "dramatically" increased.

The governor also called for reviving two weapons programs that have become emblems for the kind of military waste Trump has said should be cut.

The Army’s Future Combat Systems and the Air Force’s F-22 fighter jet were both scuttled early in the Obama administration. The F-22 was canceled after just 195 jets had rolled off the assembly line, far below the 750 the Air Force had originally planned to buy.
People are misreading Trump, he is not anti-war, not anti-military, He is anti-nation building. He wants to go to war for other reasons, but he wants to go to war.

Trump and Pence will have no trouble getting in sync.


(ht Jay Stephenson)

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  1. Oh hell fire. Everything that seemed to give Trump a hint of freshness is being swallowed up in the Washington cesspool.