Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Do People Seriously Think That a Trump Administration Wouldn't Immediately Send US Ground Troops to the Middle East?

The almost always confused left is up and arms because Donald Trump spoke a fact: That during the Saddam Hussein reign in Iraq he prevented radicals (aka terrorists) from gaining any influence. This is just the truth.

What scares me about Trump is not his speaking this fact but what he goes on to say about the current situation in Iraq: "We are going to take care of it, folks. We have no choice."

That's beating the war drums. Trump is not into nation building but he is into fighting "bad guys." He is a war hawk for non-neocon reasons. He is making that point as clear as day.

Of course, he is framing the problem wrong. We don't have to do anything about the greater Iraq area.  We have made a mess of the region already. There is a power vacuum. If the mad men in the area want to shoot it out to see who will fill the vacuum, it is none of our business. Let Allah sort it out.

Trump sorting it out means taking out visible ISIS with US troops and leaving an occupying force to see to it that no new threat emerges from under the rocks. These guys know how to hide under rocks. It would require an occupying force for generations.

Really, if I had to choose between the 70-year old Trump sorting this out and Allah, I'm going with Allah.


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  1. Newsflash... We already have ground troops in the Middle East. Here is a more realistic question,

    Does anyone seriously think a Hillary Clinton administration wouldn't send U.S. ground troops to the Middle East? A rhetorical question since the answer is obviously yes, of course she would, in a heart beat. When it comes to foreign policy Hillary is pure Neocon.