Friday, July 1, 2016

BREAKING Hillary Clinton to Be Interviewed by the FBI On Saturday

Chuck Ross is reporting at the Daily Caller that Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet Saturday with the FBI as part of its investigation into her private email server.

Ross went on to say his source suggested the interview may take place at her Washington, D.C. home.

The bureau’s interview with Hillary is believed to be the final step in its investigation into the potential mishandling of classified information on Clinton’s private email server.



BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Had "Voluntary" Interview This Morning With FBI


  1. WATERBOARD her until she talks. .... they are refusing to tell what they did IN OUR EMPLOYMENT. They are Obstructing Justice and hiding what they did IN PUBLIC SERVICE. WATERBOARD them until they talk.
    That is PUBLIC PROPERTY they are refusing to relate and DESTROYING. That is OUR PROPERTY. Those emails are OUR PROPERTY and it was a crime simply for them to destroy ONE of them.
    ANY intellectual materials created on OUR time belongs to WE the PEOPLE. When that SKANK Hillary destroyed (tried to) e-mails she was destroying PUBLIC PROPERTY more valuable then if she smashed windows or spray painted walls and she should be in shackles

    Government EMPLOYEES should not be allowed to plead the FIFTH or refuse to testify about Government matters. They are not PRIVATE Citizens.
    Since waterboarding is not torture ..... enhanced interrogation is in order for Government Employees who try to STEAL KNOWLEDGE of Government(OUR) business.
    Employing DELAYING tactics in answering questions when we are (supposedly) "at war with terrorism", is Aiding and Abetting Terrorism. ...... Hillary and her ACCOMPLICES are tying up and wasting OUR resources. THAT is a tactic of waging war, tie up and delay the ENEMY
    we SUPPOSEDLY are fighting a "war on terror" and she is destroying documents that might be needed? She is Providing Material Aid and Support to the TERRORISTS by IMPEDING the war effort ..... even just her screwing around DELAYING when all our resources are needed for the war .......... things are supposedly so desperate they have to take 5 ounce shampoos away from GRANNIES, and GROPE Children ....

  2. No politician for any office in the USA should be protected by others with guns or other weapons that could cause death.