Saturday, July 2, 2016

25-Year-Old Female Congressional Candidate Edorsed by Ron Paul

The Washington Examiner reports:
Rebekah Johansen Bydlak is on track to become the youngest female congresswoman in United States history. The conservative millennial is running for an open seat in Florida's 1st Congressional District and has already gained the support of constitutional conservatives like Sen. Rand Paul and Reps. Justin Amash and Thomas Massie. Now she's earned the endorsement of the original liberty congressman, Ron Paul.

"I am pleased to endorse Rebekah Bydlak for Congress," Ron Paul said in a statement on Tuesday. "Rebekah's commitment to and experience in advancing the principles of liberty show that she is the type of leader the GOP, Florida and the country need."

Is she the real deal? Probably not.

She sure looks as though she is couching her policies in a way to get elected rather than as a full out libertarian.

She, for example, has made caring for government-trained killers a top priority. And she talks about "fixing" healthcare rather than getting government completely out of the sector. All hedged positions.

She will make a good politician. Maybe not a good libertarian.

Said to see a 25-year old couch her positions in the hedged fashion of a 40-year career politician.



  1. Sad to see a 25 year old attempting to become a leech to the productive class at such a young age. Decentralization is the only answer.

    1. See my comments below. Thank you for considering new thoughts.

  2. ^^^Sad to see such an unsophisticated understanding of resistance to tyranny/occupation. And it is very presumptuous and less than charitable to ascribe selfish motives to someone based solely on such a deficient simpleton paradigm. I challenge AJO to examine his binary paradigm and consider the following thoughts.

    Ron Paul along with very few of the liberty movement understand anarchy. RP is like a member of the French Underground who infiltrated the Nazi Party. Everything he does is to dismantle the occupying apparatus. This was the goal of all his actions since he has been in office. When doing so, it is often wise to cite official Nazi documents in Nazi meetings. So Ron cites the Constitution even though he is sympathetic to anti-federalists Patrick Henry and others.

    We must think like subversives. Indeed we are subversives by definition in that we are in the minority and are working against the establishment. Hiring an anarchist like Tom Woods to help a campaign is not hyprcritical or contradictory. Neither is holding office even if it means wearing a Nazi uniform as a member of the French Underground. Members of the French Underground feigned loyalty to Hitler to gain positions where they could get travel documents to forgers who would smuggle dissidents out of the country, they relayed info about important supply trains to other members who would sabotage the tracks and blow up the trains, they did many things to undermine the occupying apparatus all the while saying "Sig Heil" and wearing a uniform that they detested. I am sure that RP hates his pay coming by theft (taxation) and that is why he doesn't participate in pensions etc. But you must put on the Nazi uniform in order to dismantle the occupying apparatus from within.

    Make no mistake, RP has NEVER advanced the occupiers and ONLY tried to dismantle big gov't. We need many more who are committed to this course of action. The purists can rail against the Nazis/occupiers all they want but someone has to penetrate them and gum up the works. Subversion and Opposition are not "either or"... they work hand in hand. Long live subversion. Long live the R3VOLution.

  3. The problem with the "infiltration" strategy is that the infiltrator is much more likely to get corrupted than they are to change things from the inside, if they are "playing the game". Ron Paul didn't try to play the game and therefore nobody tried to influence him because they knew it would be useless.