Friday, June 10, 2016

What to Do With Hillary's Speeches

Jack Perry has an idea:
So, hey, knock yourselves out. I don’t vote because I’m uncool and I’m a drag as far as petition-gatherers are concerned. I’m just some aging dude who has finally lost any interest in participating in anything the government seeks my participation in. It isn’t disillusionment so much as it is disinterest and detachment. Among other things, the entire government bores me. While it is entertaining to criticize them, to actually listen to them with no intention of laughter seems to me a wasted effort. I say, let’s record the speeches of Hillary and start beaming them to all quadrants of outer space. We’ll never need to worry about an invasion from outer space. They’ll quarantine this planet for 25,000 years as a hotbed of possibly contagious stupidity.

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