Friday, June 10, 2016

What The Hell Is This? Charles Koch and his company have launched an 'end the divide' ad campaign

USA Today reports:
Working to soften his partisan image, conservative billionaire Charles Koch's industrial conglomerate this week will launch a television and digital advertising campaign that calls for Americans of all political stripes to "end the divide" as he seeks broader support for his free-market ideas and defends his corporate brand.

The advertising, which starts Friday, aims to "get a national conversation going," Koch told USA TODAY. "Let's stop attacking people we disagree with and trying to silence them. Let's instead try to find common ground and learn from each other so we can innovate."

Here's the ad:


What the hell is this? To me it looks like a dumb sterile version of the lefty "We are the world" song--designed by a committee.

Who is this aimed at urban primitives or those who have been attacked by urban primitives?

To be sure, in some high ivory tower way it hits a couple of correct themes but it is couched in such an idiotic, esoteric, politically correct manner that outside of Hayek, no one would get it. Not the masses and certainly not the urban primitives.

Really, Charles. Quit wasting your money on this idiotic stuff. You should be sending a check to the Mises Institute instead where a difference is being made.

The new 60-second commercial initially will air on news programs and expand to sports and entertainment shows, said Steve Lombardo, who oversees communications and marketing at Koch Industries, according to USA Today,


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