Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rand Paul on Running for President in 4 Years: “2020 would be perfect for an ophthalmologist.”

But he is focused on his current reelection bid.

"It’s hard to ask somebody who just spent a lot of effort being here and there and being everywhere in between about doing it again. It’s not something that I can immediately say, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m looking forward to 2020,’” Rand told Politico, even as he conceded that “2020 would be perfect for an ophthalmologist.”

“It’s a never say never,” Rand  said, but “really all I can see in the near-term future is making sure I do a good job for Kentucky. I’m running for reelection, and then I want to be a big voice in the Senate.”


  1. 2020? if you are delivering the same lame O message as this time do you see there being any difference?

  2. The tragedy is that if Rand had adopted his father's platform rather than selling out, he could've won the nomination. And he would've annihilated Hillary in the general.

    Even so, I'm happy that didn't play out. Better to be dissapointed in Rand as a candidate rather than a president.

  3. Perfect vision was your father's department, Rand. Just fade away into the crowd already.

  4. Woo Hoo! Everything will be OK in 2020. Mr. Jiggly Waffle Puff is going to save us.