Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bill Kristol: "We Beat Back Ron Paul and Rand Paul"

Neoconservative by birth, Bill Kristol, apparently thinks the libertarian moment is over.

Kristol was in San Francisco yesterday and appeared at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco for a "conversation with" event.

He fielded questions from the audience and also the moderator neocon Kori Schake, mostly about Donald Trump.

At one point, he named a list of  non-mainstream Republican candidates that had their moment in the sun and then faded away.

This included Ron and Rand Paul.

"We beat back Ron Paul and Rand Paul," he said. Implying that they were nothing but a footnote in Republican history.

Kristol said the current election resembled one coming out of a third world country.

He also admitted that he underestimated "Trump's seeing what the people are upset about."

He said the current move by some delegates to open up the upcoming Republican national convention by "voting conscience" to deny Trump the nomination has about a 15% chance of succeeding. He said only last week he would have said it only had a 5% chance.

He admitted he could not rule out a Trump victory in November.

And also said he sent out this tweet to "energize" Reince Priebus:



  1. This guy is delusional, time to stop paying him any attention at all. Enough war and murder on his hands to be thrown into jail for life. I really wish one of those Chicago kids would play the knockout game with him.

  2. Worthless evil man.
    What's funny, he will be the footnote, if that, in 20 years. But I will still be reading old articles by Ron Paul, and folks will still be talking about what a great man he was.
    Heck, the way Dr. Paul is going, we will have a chance to celebrate his 100th birthday with him in 20 years.
    But Bill will be long dead. Thankfully.

  3. Who is backing this guy? What underpins his influence? What blackmail does he have on which powerful people? I'm so confused.

    1. you need to go deeper into the rabbitt hole to find your answer. The answer is there to see.

  4. Kristol is one of the most disgusting creatures I've ever seen.

  5. RP helped turn me into an ANCAP. Kristol won't be remembered past this generation except as a gross, reptile eyed sociopath.

  6. Bill Kristol, next time you sit on the toilet, put your hands around your neck firmly so your head doesn't collapse.