Wednesday, June 8, 2016

At UC Davis, "Feeling Safe" Ranks Above Freedom of Expression

Oh, the stress. Health counselors will be provided.

(via John Carney)


  1. Mario Savio is rolling in his grave!!!

  2. Follow up on Mario:
    I don't think you can watch this without mourning for the loss of out national principles. Seriously, it brings me to tears. And the incredible irony is that the genesis of the "free speech" movement was the oppression of the Goldwater student group's info table in Sproul Plaza, U.C. Berkeley.

  3. Universities are quickly making themselves irrelevant. Because the very next step to prohibition on saying things which offend somebody is complete stagnation of any scientific research, Lysenkoism-style.

    It won't take long for employers to figure out that the newly minted degrees in meekness are not the same as old degrees in science. This already happens in high-tech - the perceived value of degrees is plummeting.

    Yet another leftist utopia self-destructing...