Monday, May 2, 2016

“What exactly has big government done to these people?”

Murray Sabrin has sent the following to Letter the Editor regarding an article that appeared at Bloomberg and in the North Jersey Record:

Regarding “Learning to love (or like) big government” (Opinion Page, May 1):

Justin Fox notes that, in a recent poll, nearly 70% of Americans consider big government the biggest threat to our future.  He then asks, “What exactly has big government done to these people?” 

Since the founding of the American experiment in self-government and constitutional protections of our natural rights—life and liberty--the federal government has:

  • ·      Committed genocide against Native Americans
  • ·      Subsidized failed railroads which lined the pockets of crony capitalists
  • ·      Unleashed the generals to commit atrocities against Southern civilians during the Civil War
  • ·      Violated basic constitutional rights and economic freedoms during the Civil War and World War I and interned Japanese Americans during World War II
  • ·      Established a banking cartel (with the Federal Reserve at the apex) that enriches the 1% by inflating asset prices
  • ·      Created numerous Ponzi schemes with impunity beginning with Social Security
  • ·      Built a military-industrial complex that has squandered trillions of the people’s money for more than 100 years in the attempt to make “the world safe for democracy” and engage in nation building
  • ·      Levied burdensome income and other taxes for the past 100 years
Big government thus wastes scarce resources, intervenes militarily overseas, violates our civil and property rights, spies on us and robs the people to benefit special interests.  That’s why the “average” American fears big government. 

If we want a more prosperous America, we need more inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs, the real creators of wealth in society, and fewer bureaucrats running our lives.

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