Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tucker Carlson Said Glenn Beck Sucked Up to Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook Meeting with Conservatives

Via Breitbart:
Speaking on FOX and Friends, Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson slammed a “talk show host” for “sucking up” to Mark Zuckerberg at Wednesday’s meeting between conservatives and Facebook executives. Of course, there was only one talk show host present at the meeting — Glenn Beck.“Some of the conservatives [at the meeting] asked tough questions. Others sucked up, basically” said Carlson.
When pressed on who the “suck-ups” were, Carlson responded: “You know, well-known talk show hosts who you think would be asking tough questions who said things like, “You’re such an innovator. You’re such an impressive guy.”
Carlson was coy about revealing the name of the mysterious brown-noser —probably because of the agreement made by the 16 conservative attendees not to divulge who said what at the meeting. But, given that there was only one talk show host present at the meeting, Carlson can’t have been referencing anyone other than Beck.

Here's the video:

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  1. Carlson made the same comment during the Sunday morning Fox News show "Media Buzz" during a conversation with host Howie Kurtz. However, he also added something interesting which makes me skeptical of the tone with which Tucker describes the exchange between Beck and Zuckerberg. According to Carlson, Beck also admonished conservatives for acting like witch-hunters when it came to the actions by a private citizen and a private company. If one is to take Carlson's word at face value, then Beck was acting more *libertarian* than the conservatives in that meeting. Interestingly enough, Tucker seemed to consider that comment made (allegedly) by Beck as "bizarre." Whether you trust Carlson's recollection or not, it is clear Carlson has an agenda and that one shouod take his comments wih a grain of salt. I should remind everyone that Carlson is one of the founders and chief editors of The Daily Caller while Beck founded the media company The Blaze, which competes with The Daily Caller for the conservative news and commentary market. The Blaze also broadcasts TV shows ans radio by subscription. Something else to note is that The Blaze has not been friendly with El Trumpo, unlike The Daily Caller which, while not as blatant as Breitbart on the level of groveling towards the GOP presidential candidate, it has published far more friendly reports and commentary about El Trumpo than The Blaze. It woukd not be inconceivable that Carlson holds a bit of animosity towards Beck and thus would not be incorrect tosuspect that Carlson is merely spinning Beck's words.