Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump: "I Don't Think It's Imperative The Entire Party Come Together," "Let Them Wait 8 Years"

Sounds like he is going to ask the public for money also. So much for the multi-billionaire self-funding.


  1. Hey. Try the Ross Perot approach. Ask everybody for $20 just so they will have skin in the game. Make a cap of say $100. This is not self funding but it is a way for Trump supporters to help the campaign and at the same time limit the access of the elite.

    1. The only way to "limit the access of the elite" is to reduce the scope and size of the govt. If you have 200mil to dump in lobbying you will find a way to gain influence no matter what. The only real limit is what the govt can do - lobbyists will always find a way in.

  2. That Trump would need money for the general election has been reported by several so it should be no surprise. It is also reported that the General Presidential Election would cost ~$6Billion reinforcing the claim.

    So far, Trump has needed far less money to get this far than any other so it is quite possible he'll need some, but not nearly as much, as others would.

  3. To be fair Trump never said that he would fund himself for the general, which would likely cost his entire fortune.