Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Paul Armentano :Facts Vs Fears - Countering Common Misconceptions about Medicinal Cannabis

Paul Armentano is the Deputy Director of NORML and has been advocating the medicinal qualities of cannabis for decades. His presentation took place on April 10, 2016 in Fairfax, CA.

I know nothing about cannabis, have never studied it (in any sense of  the word"study")but I am told that " Paul is one of the leading national advocates for legal cannabis and, perhaps, knows more about the science of  cannabis than just about anyone."

In my view cannabis should be legal, as well as heroin, cocaine, LSD and anything else anyone wants to injest.



  1. The war on drugs (poor people) should absolutely be ended for a multitude of reasons.

    That said I have noticed that Drudge has a peculiar fascination with cannabis bashing propaganda articles. I click the link just to see the research and it's always something that applies to .0000001% of the population or is something that could clearly be related to tobacco/other drugs.

    There are still many older people around who have bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker. It will just take time for them to die off and we can move on.