Sunday, May 8, 2016

Paging Walter Block:Trump Shows More Respect for Teamsters Than He Does For Libertarians

Trump thanks the criminal Teamsters but not the libertarians.

He also tweeted some Keynesian and mercantilist economic nonsense out to the Teamsters.


  1. Neither am I and when Trumpcons and Trumpitarians get confronted about it they'll just say that he isnt Hillary

  2. Everyone's pal Lord Keynes notices Trump the Right-Wing Keynesian on Infrastructure

  3. Will Dr. Block finally realize he's betting on the wrong horse and concede he is wrong?

    1. Wrong about what? He stated that he wants the best Republican nominee for president. Ignoring Libertarians for Trump isn't going to change his motivation.

  4. Block and his Libertarians for Trump are in it to capture eyes. They look like prior to the death of Andrew Breitbart. It will be very telling when Trump is nominated if Block will actually disband as stated at: