Sunday, May 8, 2016

Oh Great, The Guy Challenging Paul Ryan....

and who is being supported by Sarah Palin appears to be a hardcore protectionist.

Here is one of Paul Nehlen's ads:


I have nothing good to say about Paul Ryan, and TPP is a crony trade deal---but only becasue it doesn't loosen trade enough.

Nehlen is anti-TPP, but like Trump, he appears to be anti-TPP for the wrong reasons. His ad says he "wants to save manufacturing jobs."  Real free trade doesn't "save" any kind of jobs. It is not about crony trade, but it is not about protectionist trade either.

The Trump revolution is a revolution that would throw out the crony establishment and replace it with economic ignoramuses.

There is nothing good to say about either group, though the economic ignoramuses seem to be able to rally the masses and I fear any politician who is rallying the masses and not doing it in the direction of liberty.

From a libertarian perspective, the Trump revolution could be a very dangerous thing.


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  1. Protectionism is a form of entitlement/welfare when one looks at the issue.