Friday, May 6, 2016

Goofy California: Tightens Tobacco Laws as It Prepares to Vote on Looser Marijuana Laws

Peter Hitchens in the UK finds this amusing, and correctly so:
Supposedly health-obsessed California (many of whose initiatives are followed by the other United States) is moving to make tobacco cigarettes harder to get, banning their sale to those *under* 21.This was of course opposed by ‘Big Tobacco’ the universally-despised lobby which strives to fight against restrictions on cigarettes. 
Yet the same state is about to have a ballot (in November) to allow the purchase and possession of Marijuana by those *over* 21 (the proposed legislation which would follow a successful vote to approve is to be called the ‘Adult Use of Marijuana Act'...
File Under: Good Weed-Bad Weed

Should it be a surprise that the Left is always in favor of the mind altering, when that seems to be their normal condition anyway?


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  1. Perhaps not as goofy as it sounds since California is known for its marijuana fields while tobacco leaves are grown way over on the east coast. The use of Goofy to describe this situation denigrates that beloved Disney character. Goofy is known for his good intentions that often worked out because he was persistent in good deeds. Perhaps Scrooge McDuck's arch enemy Flintheart Glomgold who was always ready to steal if he could get away with it would be a more accurate characterization. Unfortunately his name doesn't roll off the tongue so perhaps his gang called Beagle Boys might work. "Beagle Boy legislators in California serve Glomgold Crony's: Tighten Tobacco Laws..." I like it better but it probably wouldn't get past the editor.