Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Sick Hillary Versus a High Energy Trump

Given some of the comments at my recent post, Is Hillary Clinton Ill?, I see I need to expand on what I was thinking when I wrote that post.

In the post I write:
I hope libertarians recognize that from a libertarian perspective this is a plus for Hillary over Donald Trump.
A great leader that can barely get out of bed is much preferable to an energetic leader who can rally the masses.
This led to the following comments and exchanges:

'A great leader that can barely get out of bed is much preferable to an energetic leader who can rally the masses.'
Dunno, I'm thinkin' FDR. Yikes!!!

  1. You are taking an absolute example versus a comparative example--and further we are talking about the types of illness that slow a person's work schedule.

    If Hillary and Trump were the same on all issues, from a libertarian perspective, because of her illnesses versus Trump's energy, you would want Hillary.
  2. I think if things worked that way, you'd be right. However, history is rife with examples of an ill president's "actions" actually being performed by his wife or someone else on the staff. In many ways, that makes Hillary more of a wildcard like Trump.

    Or, maybe more like Hillary puts it -- "a loose cannon". Of course Hillary is like a cannon pointed at your own hull.

    I think this election is much like the economy. It's just too difficult to predict the better candidate between Trump and Hillary. For one thing, there are too many complicating factors, and for another it's like deciding between a shotgun slug or a .50 cal to the head.

    I either won't vote, or I'll vote libertarian just for the hell of it, but I no longer even try to weigh in on the lesser of the other evils. There's just too much evil to see any good at all.
My point is not that terrible things can't come out of a presidency where a president is ill, but that there is a certain kind of evil that only comes about because of a high energy "can do" leaders.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would be absolutely horrific, but she couldn't launch a wave in a baseball stadium. Operatives can do terrible things behind the scenes when a president is ill and not fully functional, BUT that president is not going to rally the masses in positively dangerous directions.

I have said before that I truly fear the leader, not moving a country in the direction of liberty, who fills stadiums.

There have been all too many comparisons of Trump with Mussolini and Hitler, a few accurate, many far off base. But Trump can sure rally a crowd the way they did.

I fear leaders who can do this. When you have two interventionists who have no leanings toward free markets, private property and peace, every time, I'll take the low energy,in poor health interventionist who has no ability to fill a stadium.


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  1. I will not vote for either. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Gov. Johnson checks all the boxes for me and he will get my vote.