Saturday, April 30, 2016

U.K. Considering Regulating Ads to Make Sure the Women In Them Aren’t Too Hot

Kathrine Timpf reports:
The U.K.’s Advertising United Standards Authority is considering regulations to respond to complaints of “sexism” in advertising — including concerns that women in a lot of ads are basically too attractive.

According to a release published by the watchdog on Thursday, ads that present “an idealised or unrealistic body image . . . have gained considerable public interest,” and so it’s important to evaluate whether or not more needs to be done to stop them.

“The project will report on whether we’re getting it right on gender stereotyping in ads,” the release continues. “If the evidence suggests a change in regulation is merited we will set out the best way to achieve it.”
Social Justice Warriors are haters. They hold the exact opposite of a live and let live attitude. Liberty is their ultimate enemy. Government coercion is their ultimate tool.

They are also reality deniers. They deny the complexity and richness of the world and refuse to recognize that not every person can fit into every role in the world. For them, when beauty is called for they see no reason why it should not also be a role for a beast. When intelligence is called for, they see no reason why it should not be a role for the dull. When a masculine heterosexual is called for they see no reason why it should not be the place for a female boanthrop.



  1. Who says Vonnegut wrote fiction? Bring on the Handicapper General.

    1. Agreed. Vonnegut and Orwell were good at extrapolating leftist hate.

  2. To: Mr. Guy Parker, Chief Executive
    Advertising Standards Authority

    From: Minister of Truth

    cc: Big Brother

    Dear CE Parker,

    We wish to commend your dedication to ferreting out gender stereotyping in advertising.
    Beautiful, hot, sexy women in skimpy panties and bras do not exist, are unrealistic and idealistic; and if truth be known my lower jaw is aching from dropping so many times, and I've developed heart palpitations from watching gazillions of these ads (as part of my job, of course).
    My guess is that these are computer generated images with which to lure a naive public.

    One other item of concern: The use of the word "stakeholders" while a clever use of Newspeak, is, in my opinion, and Big Brother concurs with me on this, not as effective as the word "sufferers" which will generate more hate and resentment in the proles toward those independent minded, anti-freedom capitalist swine who still remain ignorant of the Truth. But you will bring them around; of that we are certain.

  3. I guess a "boanthop" is someone who suffers from boanthropy, although I couldn't find the term. The condition of boanthropy is defined by Wikipedia as a psychological disorder in which a human believes himself or herself to be a bovine. Not sure I understand why a SJW would substitute a female who believes herself to be a bovine for a masculine heterosexual.