Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This is Really Why the Establishment is Against Trump

Donald Trump is just too unpredictable for the establishment.

Case in point. He is apparently having serious problems with the Paul Manafort, the serious establishment player who was brought in by Trump to help him lock down the 1,237  delegates needed to gain the Republican nomination. Manafort's game plan included Trump becoming "more presidential."

That's not working out so well. Politico reports:
Donald Trump is bristling at efforts to implement a more conventional presidential campaign strategy, and has expressed misgivings about the political guru behind them, Paul Manafort, for overstepping his bounds, multiple sources close to the campaign tell POLITICO.
Trump became upset late last week when he learned from media reports that Manafort privately told Republican leaders that the billionaire reality TV star was “projecting an image” for voters and would begin toning down his rhetoric, according to the sources. They said that Trump also expressed concern about Manafort bringing several former lobbying colleagues into the campaign, as first reported by POLITICO.
Now Trump is taking steps to return some authority to Manafort’s chief internal rival, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.
Neither Lewandowski nor Manafort responded to requests for comment, though Manafort on Sunday during an interview on Fox News blamed Lewandowski’s regime for shortcomings in the campaign’s delegate wrangling operation. Lewandowski’s allies responded by privately questioning whether Manafort has done anything to improve the situation. They grumble that Manafort has spent a disproportionate amount of time on television — just as Trump himself has been avoiding the Sunday morning talk show circuit at Manafort’s urging...
[C]ampaign insiders say it has become increasingly clear that Trump, for all his boasts about his ability to become more “presidential,” is simply unwilling or perhaps unable to follow through, and resents efforts to transform him.
“Everyone coming in now thinks they're going to be able to manhandle him and he's not going to let it happen,” said an operative close to Trump. “These consultants are used to being smarter than their candidate and in this scenario, the candidate is smarter and willing to risk more than you are.”
It is not difficult seeing a Trump presidency going much the same way. He may bring in advisors, but could turn a cold shoulder to any of them at any point. The problem is that there is no way to know in advance when, where, or how Trump would move on any given issue. When will he turn the cold shoulder on what policy?

No one can object to throwing the current rascals out---the problem is that with Trump as the replacement we have no idea where we would be heading. Can we really trust Trump to take a non-aggressive foreign policy.

The establishment is bad but Donald Trump is no  Chauncey Gardiner.



  1. Sounds like you are also highly risk averse. Status quo and the establishment stink, we need to take more risks to move us towards liberty.

    1. I get what your saying but there is nothing that indicates Trump is interested liberty nor even knowing what real liberty is.

    2. I think the analysis that there is no clear direction is accurate, he's said some typical controlling politician type things, but he's also said some good things. If he brings about the demise of the neocons, isn't that favorable to liberty? Just get tired of the debating about the "least worst" candidate among liberty minded folks and the continual liberty education initiative.