Sunday, April 17, 2016

Presidential Followers Grammar Power Rankings

Grammarly blog wrote at the start of last year's presidential debate season:r:
Ready or not, the U.S. presidential campaign season is upon us. Whoever your pick for POTUS, one thing’s certain—political topics inspire passionate discussions. With a light heart and heavy-hitting algorithms, we visited each candidate’s official Facebook page and looked at the comments there to see how well their supporters handle themselves when they communicate their ideas in writing.

Our first study put followers of Republican candidates—the participants in the first national presidential debate on August 6—in the spotlight. The Democratic candidates climb into the debate ring on October 13, so this time we put their supporters to the test. Then, in the spirit of friendly competition, we combined the studies into one infographic to allow for comparisons between the parties.

Whether your discussion style is passionate or placid, as the 2016 presidential election approaches there’s no better time for intelligent discourse.

Presidential Debate Grammar Power Rankings

Makes sense, the intellectuals have been captured by the left and the Blue Collar crowd has been captured by Trump. Libertarians could infiltrate both crowds, in fact, it is the only way to get to a long-lasting Private Property Society.


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