Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton Used a Static Noise Machine at a Secretive Colorado Fundraiser

Last week, a local Denver journalist named Stan Bush reported that Hillary Clinton’s campaign appeared to be using a hidden static noise machine to prevent reporters and other passerby from hearing the candidate’s stump speech at an outdoor fundraiser held at the private residence of Colorado’s governor, John Hickenlooper, reports Gawker.

A Clinton donor who attended this specific fundraiser told Gawker that he personally witnessed the the static noise machine being operated: “I can confirm without any doubt that there was a white noise machine set up on the perimeter to prevent the public and reporters from hearing what Hillary Clinton said.” He did not know, however, what in Clinton’s speech, as he remembers it, would have inspired such a precautionary measure.

The machine, the donor said, consisted of what appeared to be three separate speakers hooked up to a small controller. “They were big stereo speakers, like the kind people had in their houses in the Seventies,” he said. “They were connected to a box about the size of a toaster, with the three speakers placed around the perimeter of the yard. They were in the bushes—literally in the hedges.” Here’s what it sounded like from the street.



  1. More likely meant for the invited guests. No more of that hand-over-mouth-while-talking good fella's routine.

  2. Hillary *is* a static noise machine.