Thursday, April 14, 2016

3 Lefty Anarchists Arrested, 4 Coppers Injured During Clash Outside Trump Rally in Pittsburgh

CBS reports:
Three people were arrested and four officerssuffered minor injuries during a clash between Donald Trump supporters and protesters.

Trump held a rally at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center Wednesday night. The mood outside the building was tense even before the Republican presidential candidate arrived.

Police set up a corridor outside the Convention Center entrance, separating the two sides. Following the rally, there were more shouting matches as demonstrators confronted Trump supporters leaving the building,

According to the criminal complaint, several officers were working a “skirmish line” between Trump supporters and “anarchist members in masks” and protesters.  At one point, the anarchists/protesters began using pepper spray on the officers while trying to get to the Trump supporters. 
At least two officers were pepper-sprayed. One of those officers was also allegedly kicked in the back of the knees by Kennon Hooper. The officerfell to the ground and was kicked once more by Hooper.

Hooper resisted arrest, but was forcibly handcuffed.

A female protester jumped on the back of an officer while they were trying to arrest Hooper.  That woman has been identified as Lisa Cuyler and she was detained without incident.

While that was happening, a man wearing a black mask and black hat grabbed the protective vest of a police sergeant and attempted to fight him.  A female officer attempted to take the man into custody, but he resisted. Both fell to the ground and the officer suffered a cut to her hand and an injury to her shoulder. The suspect was eventually taken into custody and has been identified as Maxwell Yearick.
Meanwhile, inside Trump displayed once again his total clueless to the law of comparative advantage  and understanding of free trade in general as he told rally attendees that as president he would bring steel jobs back to Pittsburgh.



  1. Another reason why libertarians who want to use political process to roll back the state should not call themselves anarchists. Taking this further, libertarians with this goal should not associate with self-proclaimed anarchists in the public sphere because of the connotation of the word.

    The definition of the word anarchist and what it means are two different things. The masses don't understand the definition, but they have a feeling of what the word means. Anarchist is a loaded word and triggers the emotional brain.

    Much better to call oneself a voluntarist than an anarchist.

    1. I agree with your comment that the left has usurped and distorted the meaning of anarchist. To me though, voluntarist sounds like volunteer or volunteerism and is to difficult for people to distinguish. Kind of like how in polls "capitalism" does poorly, but "free market" does well. All words embraced by freedom advocates get perverted, "liberal" being the worst example of them all in my mind.

  2. Comparative advantage?

    Let's say you have two countries. Each country is exactly equal in all things except environmental regulation. Country A imposes a 1 billion dollar environmental regulation on the widget industry to prevent widget pollution of air, sea, and rivers. Country B imposes no regulation at all and widget pollution is everywhere.

    Now does country B have a comparative advantage?