Monday, April 4, 2016

DEBATE Block vs. Wenzel on "Libertarians for Trump"

I see "Libertarians for Trump" is out with the above graphic. It is a bit incorrect.

I have agreed to debate Dr. Walter Block on "Trump for Libertarians," I am not advocating any libertarian support for Hillary Clinton. I don't think libertarians should support any of these clowns.

From the original email I received from the producer of The Tom Woods Show, A.J. van Slyke:
 Hello Bob,
>>>>>> Tom would like to set up a debate between you and Walter Block on
>>>>>> libertarians and Trump. If you are interested, please let me know. If you
>>>>>> could also let me know what days/times normally work best for you that will
>>>>>> help me set it up.
>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>> AJ
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> A.J. Van Slyke
>>>>>> Assistant to Tom Woods
>>>>>> Producer of the Tom Woods Show

To be clear, I would never set up a "Libertarians for Hillary".  Hillary is a complete establishment criminal. The only advantage in Hillary over Trump as president is that impeachment proceedings would likely start against Hillary sooner, and I like to see our presidents occupied on matters other than plotting new ways to lord over us.



Comments From Tow Woods on the Block-Wenzel Debate on "Libertarians for Trump"


  1. Bob, FYI, my show isn't live, so that's just a recording time. I'll air the show this Friday. Thanks!

  2. I am writing to Walter about this, too. And you're right: the debate has nothing to do with Clinton.

  3. Bob,

    "I see "Libertarians for Trump" is out with the above graphic."

    I believe in that graphic, Dr. Block has revealed his hand, or at least is showing his mindset...

    Looking forward to the debate!

  4. Now this is one I will have the popcorn ready for, even if it is only 8 in the morning. Thanks for agreeing to do this Bob. And thanks to Tom for agreeing to host it.
    Gonna be fun.

  5. Robert, you look like a Fed in that graphic

    1. Not that there's anything wrong with that.