Monday, April 4, 2016

Comments From Tow Woods on the Block-Wenzel Debate on "Libertarians for Trump"

Tom Woods adds in the comments to my post, DEBATE Block vs. Wenzel on "Libertarians for Trump":

  1. Bob, FYI, my show isn't live, so that's just a recording time. I'll air the show this Friday. Thanks!
  2. Tom WoodsApril 4, 2016 at 12:57 PM
  3. I am writing to Walter about this, too. And you're right: the debate has nothing to do with Clinton.


  1. By supporting Trump, Block makes it sound like libertarians support an authoritarian. It makes it sound like we support protectionism, anti-immigration, interventionist foreign and domestic policy, and all the other crap for which Trump stands. Sometimes you just have to accept that your horse lost, you never had a horse in the race, or support one of the LP candidates. We need another Ron Paul but there is none.

  2. My comment on the Block vs Wenzel Debate hosted by Woods on the support of Trump by libertarians
    What I do not see in this discussion at all:

    1. For libertarians and the Liberty movement it is a huge loss when many of their best voices are distracted and spend their efforts trying to choose between the mainstream candidates (Yes, Trump is one of them! Think of him as just the firewall against the growing public discontent.).

    2. The Trump Phenomenon has eviscerated all liberty movement's efforts to use the 2016 Presidential election as a opportunity to advance the cause of Liberty. Do you think this was just a random lucky fluke that had no clever design and manipulation by the ruling elite?

    3. Woods, please stop wasting your time on Trump!

    4. Block, after your 2008 fiasco of jumping on the Sarah Palin bandwagon to your painful chagrin, I am disappointed you fall for this similar Trump mistake!

    5. Robert Wenzel, you were the winner of this debate--that never should have been!