Sunday, March 6, 2016

Vicious Saturday Night Live "Racists for Trump' Skit


  1. Agreed. Vicious but likely purposely mis-directional in its implications. Probably because the "establishment" has been the biggest promoter, subtly, implicitly, of Trumps evil ideation (think muslims not blacks). For example, I read that at Trump's latest "rally" in FL, he told a (apparently untrue and discredited) story about US Genereal Pershing in the Phillipines in the Spanish-American War dipping bullets in pigs blood then shooting "muslim terrorists" or something as some sort of object lesson on how the US military should act today. Greenwald's article the other day really nailed this phenomenon.

  2. This is quite funny. Target audience is obviously young Mexicans. The intellectual leaders of their community, i.e., Social Justice Warriors, scaremonger the kids into thinking middle-class white folks hold KKK meetings by the, ahem, fire. Laughter associated with people's fears diminishes those fears. And that's good. May also be harder for other candidates to effectively raise that specter if it's already been laughed at.