Sunday, March 6, 2016

Social Justice Warriors Throw Urine on Libertarian

Social Justice Warriors in Vancouver

Reports Breitbart:
 Libertarian commentator Lauren Southern was assaulted and reportedly “covered in piss” by activists in the streets of Vancouver...
Her crime? Saying there are “only two genders.” 
The incident took place Friday evening in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, during an “anti-fascist” protest against a visiting libertarian speaker. Southern, accompanied by her Rebel Media cameraman and a team from, met protesters on the street and engaged them in a spirited debate about feminist anti-rape culture crusades and gender identities...
The encounter, which was recorded by Press For Truth and can be watched below, concluded when a protester sneaked up behind Southern and, shockingly, poured a bottle of liquid, which Southern later said she believed was urine, over the libertarian commentator..
.Many of the protesters at the event wore masks to conceal their identities, a familiar tactic of thuggish anti-fascists and “black bloc” protesters who engage in political violence.




  1. "I identify as an attack helicopter."

    Definitely going to use that one.

  2. She has handled this with such class. I especially like this comment from her on fascism: "You have to see the humour in it. They went to a libertarian event and called everyone fascists, while wearing balaclavas, pouring piss on dissenters, and telling them why they shouldn’t have the right to free speech,” Southern stated. “Great job guys — fascism defeated!”

  3. Libertarians are liberals, not fascists.

    1. Try to explain that to the real-life fascists who think that they are "progressive" liberals.