Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump Wins Disavowal Game

By Ann Coulter

Do they have TV sets at CNN? An Internet connection? I don't work at a television network, but I saw Trump "disavow" David Duke a half-dozen times before Jake Tapper asked him to disavow Duke again last Sunday.

The question served absolutely no journalistic purpose. No new information was sought. It was just a smear, for the sole purpose of getting the words "KKK" into the same sentence as "Donald Trump."

Unsuspecting viewers who missed Trump's earlier disavowals are supposed to think, Is Trump connected with the Klan? Why else would they be asking him about David Duke?

Given that Trump did disavow Duke the day before the Tapper interview, the only explanation for his refusal to do it again is that he was ticked off by the question and decided not to play ball. (Tip for journalists: When WASPs don't want to answer impertinent questions from reporters, they often say, "I don't know," rather than the more urban "go f---yourself.")

How many times must Trump waste precious airtime "disavowing" some random person he doesn't know, has never met and never mentioned?

David Duke IS a random person: The KKK has not been an organization of any significance since the mid-'60s (outside of Southern Poverty Law Center fundraisers), and David Duke hasn't been a member of this meaningless group since 1980.

Also, David Duke has never been accused of rape. Hillary's most prominent supporter has. Will she be asked to disavow Bill Clinton?

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  1. Ann Coulter?
    Good for you though RW.
    The Woman is an excellent communicator and she seems very sincere and consistent.
    For me that makes her at least respectable.