Wednesday, March 2, 2016

HOT Justice Dept. Grants Immunity to Staffer Who Set Up Clinton Email Server

Wow, it looks like they are really going to take out Hillary.

The Justice Department has granted immunity to the former State Department staffer who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server as part of a criminal investigation into the possible mishandling of classified information, according to a senior law enforcement official, reports WaPo.

The official said the FBI had secured the cooperation of Bryan Pagliano who worked on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign before setting up the server in her New York home in 2009.

In a statement, Brian Fallon, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign, said: “As we have said since last summer, Secretary Clinton has been cooperating with the Department of Justice’s security inquiry, including offering in August to meet with them to assist their efforts if needed.”

He also said that the campaign is “pleased” that Pagliano, who invoked the Fifth amendment before Congress, is now cooperating with prosecutors.


  1. Apparently "The American People" don't give a rip about this issue. She will skate.

  2. The only way she skates is if Obama grants a pardon or a jury doesn't convict her of criminal charges. You don't have 100 FBI agents gathering evidence that is now being presented to a federal grand jury so that you won't indict her.

    All the president had to say was "stop" and it would have all gone away.

    We now have the potential of having not one but two brokered conventions.

    Hillary's delegates can be used by the Democratic Party to nominate whomever they want if Hillary cuts a deal to save her butt.

    1. Either that, or it's all for show, as many such things in DC are.

    2. Rick, it's possible, but I really think this is payback, pure and simple, for Benghazi. Clinton made Obama look really bad and it was all on her watch. I think they've devoted way too many resources to this to be for show, and they'd have targeted a lesser player like Assistant Secretary of State. Hillary is in play, and those making the rules want something really big. In the end, if there is a deal, you can be sure that you and I will be given the perception that it was all bark, no bite.

  3. I think obama is using this as leverage somehow for his own gain. Some have suggested a UN position, hard to tell.