Friday, March 18, 2016

Ron Paul Won’t Support Trump as GOP Nominee

The great Ron Paul, of course, gets it right.

Ron Paul said this morning on the Fox Business Network that he couldn’t support  Donald Trump if Trump wins the party’s nomination, saying Trump’s views on the scope of executive authority could surpass those of President Obama.

“No, I couldn’t do that,”  Dr. Paul said when asked, if he would support Trump, should  he win the GOP nomination. “He’s [the] opposite of a libertarian.”

“Trump is going to be the most efficient [at] using the executive orders,” he said. “He’ll say this is the way it is, you know. Obama was pretty arrogant. If you don’t do it, [the] Congress, I’ll write an order. Well, I think Trump [will] be 10 times worse on writing orders because he’s used to doing this, and he brags about it.”

“He wants to be the boss. I’m not looking for a boss. We want somebody that will allow us to be our own boss, is what I think we should be looking for,” Dr. Paul said.



  1. "...who will allow us..."?

    That's already assuming the power is there not to allow us. Bad choice of words.

  2. If the government provides services to immigrants at the expense of the taxpayer, what is wrong with a libertarian voting to stop immigration? On the net, this will reduce violations to the NAP.

    1. Plenty wrong with it.

  3. Ron Paul has done more than I probably ever will be able to accomplish for the cause of liberty, but he was a politician. Ron Paul had the advertisement showing immigrants flooding over the wall saying we were being invaded, the irony.

  4. Not sure what ad you're referring to, but I'd think that Ron Paul was indicting the feds' unwillingness to protect property rights--beginning with taxes taken and redistributed to pay for services used to build a key voting block. Libertarians generally don't have a problem with immigration or migrants or immigrants. It's who funds it that is the problem--a big problem. If you want to migrate to Panama, you pay for it. Not the Panamanians.