Friday, March 18, 2016

Ambiance and Early Morning Coffee in the People's Republic of San Francisco

I rarely head into Howard Schultz joints but because of a very early morning conference call with a group in Switzerland, I didn't have time to grab my usual bacon and eggs breakfast at my favorite diner. So I headed into a Starbucks, which appeared to have turned into a sleepers' camp for the homeless.

Yes, this is what greets you at a Starbucks on Montgomery Street in San Francisco. Keep in mind, Montgomery Street is the heart of the financial center of SF. This is not some out of the way Starbucks in an edgy part of town:

One of them even brought a dog along to enhance the experience.

A Starbucks employee did go over to them and asked them to leave but they just ignored her and went back to sleep.


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  1. Pretty well dressed homeless, especially compared to Atlanta.