Thursday, March 17, 2016

NYT: What It Would Take for Trump to Capture the Nomination Before the Convention

NYT explains:
If Mr. Trump maintains his current level of support in the remaining races, he would almost certainly secure the nomination.

After Tuesday’s contests, no other candidate retains a real chance of capturing the delegates required to win the nomination outright. Mr. Rubio dropped out, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio is too far behind, and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas would need to win the vast majority of the remaining delegates — a near impossibility.

But Mr. Trump still needs to win most of the remaining delegates to avoid a contested convention.

If he continues his current performance and wins a series of key states — like Arizona, California and New York — he would get the needed delegates.

Mr. Trump will probably need to win California, which has 172 delegates. California is winnable for Mr. Trump, but it could be a difficult state for him. California includes a mix of well-educated voters who could support Mr. Kasich and conservative voters who could support Mr. Cruz.

If Mr. Trump loses California, he could miss the delegate cutoff.


  1. There are conservatives in cali?

  2. In my own circle of friends and acquaintances in SoCal, there is pretty much zero support for Cruz or Kasich, but huge support for Trump. I don't even bother arguing with them anymore.

    However, I don't think that's Trump's biggest problem. In California, the primaries are open, and Democrats or independents can cross over to vote for a Republican other than Trump.

    1. Actually all primaries with the exception of presidential are open. The big show is still closed.