Thursday, March 17, 2016

If Anyone Thinks Donald Trump Political Incorrectness Isn't Part of a Thought Out Campaign Strategy...

...they need to listen to the video carrying the remarks of his daughter, Ivanka, when she introduced him when he was announcing his presidential bid. Remember, this is before he spoke and launched his campaign with the seeming off the cuff remarks accusing illegals of being rapists and assorted other types of criminals.

Note well; She reads from a script for the entire introduction. It is prepared, obviously well crafted, remarks and she mentioned her father is not politically correct! No one knew that Trump would take his politically incorrect persona into the campaign, that is except for his daughter, who seemed to know and told us that as she read from the prepared script.




  1. Robert, are you looking for sincerity in politics? It doesn't matter what Trump really believes. What matters is the space he is opening up for people who don't bow to the golden dildo.

    1. Yeah, so they can get shafted by a brass dildo instead.

  2. Yes, Trump knew he was going to be politically incorrect as a strategy. Does that take away from the fact that it was successful? Knowing a plan and the plan actually working are two very different things. The most remarkable thing about trump is his timing, timing is everything.