Monday, March 7, 2016

George Schultz: Bloomberg Will Become the Republican Candidate in a Brokered Convention

Another desperation establishment plot. Market Watch reports:
“Donald Trump won’t be president,” George Shultz said last month in Jerusalem, where he emerged during a local think-tank conference sharp and alert as people half his 95 years.
The Republican doyen who was Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state and Richard Nixon’s secretary of the Treasury expects no candidate to win enough delegates in the convention, which will then nominate former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose theoretical candidacy Shultz also backs....
Mainstream Republicans like, say, George Shultz and Colin Powell, have now learned the hard way that the differences between them and, say, Joe Biden or Al Gore, on weighty issues like health care, immigration, gun control or foreign trade are infinitely smaller than the differences between them and Donald Trump.
Which makes this AP story all the more interesting: Bloomberg prepares for life without Michael Bloomberg:
Bloomberg, 74, is also mulling a new leadership structure at the company that would allow him to eventually step aside. Those moves — including potentially setting up a succession plan at the top of the company, similar to what Bloomberg did when he stepped aside to run for mayor in 2001 — could be announced within weeks.



Is this the next step toward being the nominee at a brokered Repunblican convention?

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