Monday, March 7, 2016

The Attack Ads Are Working, Trump Lead Is Shrinking in Florida

A Monmouth poll out of Florida released today shows that Donald Trump’s lead in Florida has shrunk to just +8 points.  Marco Rubio has 30%, Ted Cruz  and John Kasich came in third and fourth with 17% and 10%, receptively.

Of those who have already voted, Rubio actually leads Trump 48% to 23%. Of those who have not yet voted, Trump leads 42% to 26%.

Just two weeks ago, albeit in different polls, Trump’s lead was +20 points.



  1. I don't believe it's the attacks ads or KKK type controversies that are sinking Trump, but his own statements. His supporters aren't as loyal as he thinks and are starting to not trust him. He says he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still get elected only to change his position on the H1B Visas during the debate and then flip back to his original position the next day. Add that flip flop to the NYT off the record conversation and you can see why some of his his supporters are growing suspicious of him and flocking to Cruz. It was a bit weird when he had them raise their hand at a rally over the weekend promising to support him no matter what or they'd have bad karma coming their way. People don't like to be treated as if their dumb.

  2. And now another poll comes out that has Trump at +20 again with more than double the sample size. There's no question Trump has been hurt by his flip flopping, but this particular poll may just be an outlier that exaggerates how much trouble he's in.