Sunday, March 27, 2016

Donald Trump on Edward Snowden

Don't put Donald Trump in the camp that believes Edward Snowden did a heroic thing by revealing the extent of spying and data collecting being done by the National Security Agency and it doesn't sound like he would be lenient on Snowden if he returned to the United States

As part of two telephone conversations on Friday, Trump discussed his views on foreign policy with Maggie Haberman and David E. Sanger of The New York Times and early in the interview the conversation turned to the topic of Edward Snowden.

Trump said:
Edward Snowden has caused us tremendous problems.... Edward Snowden has been, you know, you have the two views on Snowden, obviously: You have, he’s wonderful, and you have he’s horrible. I’m in the horrible category. He’s caused us tremendous problems with trust, with everything about, you know, when they’re showing, Merkel’s cellphone has been spied on, and are – Now, they’re doing it to us, and other countries certainly are doing it to us, and but what I think what he did, I think it was a tremendous, a tremendous disservice to the United States. I think and I think it’s amazing that we can’t get him back.
Yet another position that Trump libertarian fanboys will have to explain away or ignore (for the higher good).



  1. Which candidate approves of Snowden, RW?

    So the guy running for Head of State is a statist. Wow, huge shock. There is nothing to explain away. On the whole Trump is better than the other statists running for President for liberty. Especially on the war issue.

  2. Only libertarian political victories can absolve Snowden and free Ulbrich.

  3. ─"Edward Snowden has caused us tremendous problems."─

    What's with this "us" business, Kemosabe? Snowden's actions didn't prove to cause ME any problems, and I am willing to bet they didn't for you, either.

    ─ He’s caused us tremendous problems with trust, with everything about, you know, when they’re showing [...] ─

    Did he? Or was it the spying that caused tremendous problems with trust? Was it the fact the US State Department and DHS god caught that caused 'tremendous problems with trust'? Was it not the case that the lost trust is something of the government's own doing and not Snowden's?