Friday, March 25, 2016

Cruz Accuses Trump of "Rat Copulation"

Via The Daily Mail:

Donald Trump DENIES he is behind National Enquirer claim Cruz had FIVE affairs while 'mistresses' vent fury over 'garbage' - but one is accused of 'coming on' to Ted 

  • The National Enquirer published a story that claims that Ted Cruz cheated with five women - which he denies
  • It said he was unfaithful with a 'hot babe', a 'sexy schoolteacher',  a 'foxy political consultant', a 'pretty lawyer'  - and a $1,000 a night prostitute
  • In the story the women weren't named, but Republican strategist Liz Mair - who runs an anti-Trump super PAC - identified them on Twitter
  • Mair's super PAC was the one which published naked picture of Melania Trump and said: 'Or you could vote for Ted Cruz.'
  • Mair said she did not believe Amanda Carpenter was unfaithful with Cruz, but said Katrina Pierson may have 'come on' to the Texas senator 
  • Then Cruz accused Trump of 'rat copulation' and posted a message on Facebook blaming Donald Trump and his 'henchmen' for the claims 
  • Trump hit back saying he 'hoped' story was untrue and he had nothing to do with Enquirer but added: 'They were right about John Edwards' 
  • National Enquirer denied being influenced by any candidates in 'unflinching' reporting 

1 comment:

  1. Washington Post writer Drew Johnson confirmed two of the names, and Breitbart writer Allum Bokhari tweeted that he hated getting scooped.

    This is real. The Enquirer would have to do SERIOUS due diligence and vetting of this story.

    Cruz is done.